JHMC: Cattle Farm 1
 Jiang Men City Hang Mei Cattle Farm Development Co.

Jiangmen City Hang Mei Cattle Farm Development Co., Ltd. (JHMC) is also known as Cattle Farm 1 (CF1). Originally formed on April 15, 2011, as a joint venture cattle farm project, and known then as Enping City A Power Cattle Farm Co., Ltd. (ECF), JHMC is a Sino Agro Food cattle farm that demonstrates our "semi-free" system. Through the Company's subsidiary Macau EIJI Co., Ltd. (MEIJI), SIAF presently owns 75% equity interest in JHMC, representing a majority of voting rights, and controls its board of directors.

The cattle farm, a 250 Mu (41.25 acre) site, is situated in YaneXiaoban Village, LiangXi Town, Enping City. Since Enping is situated in the southern part of China with a semi-tropical climate, the cattle farm is operated based on our semi-free range growing and management system that allows the cattle to roam around and feed in our pasture fields during the very early mornings and be kept and fed with our formulated aromatic feed in our semi-opened cattle houses during the hot days and nights.

The joint venture agreement calls for the development and rearing of cattle and sheep using technologies provided by Sino Agro Food, Inc. and subsidiaries. The facility has a planned capacity of 3,000 head of cattle and 30,000 head of sheep.

That's a huge cow! Inside Cattle Farm 1.

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